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Deutsch lernen in der Schweiz

Individual lessons to start learning, to brush up or to perfect your German orally and in writing.
Whether you wish to acquire basic knowledge of German or to pass an examination for a Certificate of Goethe Institut or TELC, you will get your personal programme to achieve your own learning goal.

  • Basic conversation in the formal and informal way.
    Learning how to communicate simply in everyday situations.
    Speaking, reading and writing in German, listening exercises in German and different Swiss dialects.

  • Studying the basic structure of a sentence, training verbs and their different forms, expanding your vocabulary with everyday situations, simple texts and listening exercises.

  • Studying the language structure (grammar), the different object-forms, the tenses and how to use them with more complex texts from magazines, articles, (simple) literature and listening exercises.

  • Learning about Swiss life and culture, about  Swiss and German literature and increasing
    your ability to communicate and to discuss demanding topics.

  • Exam-preparation for a Certificate of Goethe Institut, TELC or other.  


Courses of 10 lessons by appointment
(Scheduled lessons cancelled at least 24 hours before will be postponed)
One-to-one lesson (60 min.)  - CHF 60.00
Two-to-one lesson (60 min.)  - CHF 40.00 per person
Free trial lesson with introductory talk at the location.

Über Ihre Lehrerin

Universität Zürich, Germanistik und Anglistik (German and English)
Deutsche Rhetorik, ausgebildete Sprecherin (trained speaker)
Seit 2000 Deutschlehrerin für Einzelunterricht und Kleingruppen.
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